Хичээлийн Төлөвлөгөө – 1

고급거시경제학 – 1

교재 : David Romer, Advanced Macroeconomics, third edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin

평가 : 중가고사(40%), 과제(20%), 기말고사(40%)

I. Economic Growth (Chapters 1-3)

1. The Solow Growth Model(Chapter 1)

2. The Growth Model with Consumer Optimization(Chapter 2)

The Ramsey Model

Overlapping Generations Model

3. New Growth Theory(Chapter 3)


II. Business Cycle Analysis (Chapters 4-6)

1. Real Business Cycle Theory(Chapter 4)

2. Keynesian Theory of Fluctuations(Chapter 5)

3. Microeconomic Foundations of Incomplete Nominal Adjustment



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